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10 Facts about the “Scarlet Letter”

interesting facts about the scarlet letter

The Scarlet Letter could be one of the most interesting of all literature ever made. In fact, it is, up to this time, one of the most reviewed by critics and students. It is also said to be one of the most interesting stories about women and their lives. To know more about this mysterious letter, check out the following facts we have compiled for your additional knowledge about it. Or if you are interested in the proper layout, then you might want to use ourĀ letter writing service.

10 facts about the scarlet letter

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10 Facts about the Scarlet Letter

  • Puritans labeled adulterers. In the 1600s there was a law stating that adulterers while wearing fabric with the cutout of letter “A” with letter “D” on the outermost cloth layer, to be whipped in public.
  • It comes with too many symbolisms. Prominent symbols in the book included the letter “A.”
  • For the book’s publication, the editor of its author “Hawthorne” took credit. Editor James T. Fields claimed to have convinced the author to publish the book.
  • Because of his relatives, the author changed his name. It is because his great-great-grandfather rid of the Salem witches “the Quakers,” while his son was accused over 100 women “witches.”
  • The lives of the main characters Aester and Dimmesdale might have been modeled after the lives of two people behind a public scandal.
  • The author is a big fan of the word “ignominy.”
  • Reviews from readers revealed that many of them find the book scandalous. Some even claimed that it has degraded literature and that is smut.
  • The book was written only after the author was fired as a surveyor of the Salem Custom House.
  • The author only made money off the book in the last 14 years of his life.
  • Scarlet Letter was among the first books, which use the strong character of a woman.

So you probably know by now some tidbits about this interesting book that has awakened the world about women and their strength in character. Check us out for more interesting facts about your favorite literature soon on this blog.


See how these facts about the Scarlet Letter can help you with your writing today!