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9 Incredible Cover Letter Writing Tips

Why May I Need Cover Letter Writing Tips?

cover letter writing tipsThe main purpose of having a cover letter is to provide a personal introduction, to show your unique qualifications to those specific for the position and to get the employer’s curiosity raised so that they want to look through your resume. Most importantly it should answer the question of why should this company hire you?

This can be a very difficult task if you have never written a cover letter before. While there are many samples and examples on the internet you can look through for help, these will not make your cover letter personal to you.

Our cover letter writer service has come up with a list of tips that can help you:

  1. Don’t Rewrite Your Resume. Instead of repeating your resume, your cover letter should describe additional details that you weren’t able to put on your resume. A cover letter lets you use full sentences instead of bullet points, so use them and expand upon your resume, tell the story of why you’re the perfect fit for the company.
  2. Show What You Are Capable Of. As well as explaining what you’ve done in the past, show what you can do in the future. Write a section about what you can specifically deliver in this role then expand upon your strengths. When you know you have the potential to do the job but your past experience doesn’t sell you as perfect for the position, focus on your skills instead. Don’t make the mistake of focusing on your educational background either. At the end of the day, what hiring manager’s care about most is your work experience and what you can deliver on Day 1.
  3. Custom Write Your Cover Letter. Companies want to see that you’re serious about the position and company which means creating a custom cover letter for each position you apply for. When reading ‘Dear Hiring Manager, I am excited to apply for the position at your company where I hope to utilize my skills to progress in my career’ they will recognize it as a generic cover letter that you have used for many applications.
  4. Keep It Short and Sweet. There are always exceptions to the rules, but in general for cover letters, don’t write more than one page. Hiring managers may have many to read through and seeing an overly long cover letter may just put them off reading it.
  5. Use the Appropriate Tone. A cover letter is a formal document that needs to be written in a particular style. But that does not mean it should be overly formal. Use neutral language and avoid using jargon or technical terms, unless they are directly relevant to the post you are applying for.
  6. Address Your Letter to an Individual. I you don’t already know who to address your cover letter to, call the company directly to identify the proper addressee. Use formal language when addressing them, never just their first name even if you know them.
  7. Don’t Bring up Your Weaknesses. If no one is asking what your weaknesses are then don’t be eager to volunteer that information. The cover letter is not the place to reflect on self-improvement.
  8. Be Honest. The potential employer will expect to interview the person portrayed in the cover letter and will know straight away if you have lied about your experience or qualifications.
  9. Edit and Proofread. Using spell checkers can help, but you should do your own proofreading or ask a friend to look through your cover letter to look for spelling mistakes, problems with grammar, or other areas that need to be improved.

“A well-written cover letter demonstrates your communication and organizational skills by example and shows that you are the type of candidate who is willing to go the extra mile. In this highly competitive job market, the cover letter gives you a much needed edge over other job seekers, because it gives you an opportunity to describe how your specific skills and accomplishments uniquely qualify you for the job”. Pat Kendall NCRW – published author, national resume writers association.

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