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How to Get a Fabulous Business Letter Enclosures

Why May You Need Help with Business Letter Enclosures?

Most forms of writing are done to specific formats which need to be followed in order to show the intended reader that you are serious about what you have to say. In most cases, it is expected or the letter will simply be put aside. Included in this format of writing style are formal, official and business letters.

By including any other document or business cards to your letter, unless you actually tell the reader they are included they may be missed altogether and simply thrown away in the trash bin.

These are called enclosures and need to be shown on your business letter that they are attached and are relevant to the main letter.

Types of Enclosures Business Letter May Have

business letter enclosuresWhile it may sometimes be obvious that there are additional documents in an envelope or attached in an email, it is professional courtesy to include the contents of them on your business letter. It is generally accepted that no more than two supporting documents or enclosures business letter should be attached. Business cards are not counted in that but should still be notified about. Other supporting documents can range from:

  • Resumes, letters of recommendation or transcripts.
  • Price lists or catalogues.
  • Receipts and / or invoices.
  • Reports from colleagues about a specific product.
  • Sales figures.

How to Include Your Enclosures

You should skip two lines after your typed name at the end of your business letter and type the word “ENCLOSURE” or “ENCLOSURES” if more than one, capitalized. Follow with a colon and write in numbers the amount of enclosures. Skip another line and begin your list of enclosures. Each item should appear on its own line. So an example of this would be:

Best Regards,


Mr. Sam Ples

Finance Manager

Pennies Count Ltd.


2016 credit report.

2015 Tax Return.

Organize your enclosures in a clean and neat manner so that the content of your entire letter gives off the impression of professionalism. Place the additional documents in an order that will make sense to the reader. Additionally, when sending multiple enclosures by standard mail, use a larger envelope so the papers are not folded a multiple of times.

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