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How to Write a Proper Letter to Embassy for Visa Application

letter to embassy for visa helpDo You Need to Know How to Write a Letter to the Embassy to Support a Visa Application?

sample letter for visa application to embassyOften if you are to support someone with their visa application you will have to write a letter to embassy officials. This is because many countries such as the US, UK, Australia and European countries in particular are keen to stop people from entering unless they have good reason to. This can make applying for any form of visa very difficult.

A letter to embassy for visa applications is commonly required if the person applying for the visa is to be sponsored by someone or a company. This letter needs to be written in a way that will ensure that the applicants submission will be treated fairly and positively. This is not always simple and many applicants will find their visa application being rejected and with little explanation as to why.

Our specialized writing services have experienced writers that are able to offer you help with everything from a decline letter for proposal writing to support with your application documents for a visa. All of our support is provided through highly qualified staff that fully understand the application process and what is expected of you. They know the many pitfalls that you face and how to avoid them so that your application is not rejected.

When Would You Need a Letter to Embassy for Visa Application?

Different countries have different requirements for applications. These requirements will also often change depending on which country you are applying from also. For instance, it is far easier to travel between Europe and the US than it is from Asia or Africa to the US. Typically, however, you will be expected to provide an invitation letter to embassy staff for the following visas:

  • Working visa: if you are to be allowed to enter the country for the purposes of employment or to do business in the country.
  • Tourist visa: if you are to visit the country for tourism purposes, this usually also includes visiting family and friends within the country.
  • Student visa: this visa is for the purposes of education and you may need letters from both the institution and family that may be supporting you in the country.

invitation letter to embassy jokeWhat Documents Are Required When Applying for a Visa?

Applying for any form of visa should be done with great care. Usually, it is done through the embassy of the country that you wish to visit that is located in the country you live in. You must always carefully review the website of the embassy to understand precisely what is expected of you and follow the instructions to the letter. For instance, if you are applying for a visitor visa and traveling as a tourist you may be expected to provide all of the following:

  • An electronic application form such as the DS-160 for B-1/B-2 visitor visas to the US
  • A copy of your passport (or the actual passport)
  • Payment for the visa application
  • Passport size photograph
  • Supporting documents or a letter to embassy for visitor visa as required:
  • Details of your travel plans and intended time in the country
  • Evidence to show that you have funds to cover your trip or sponsor funding
  • Details of your reasons for traveling
  • Details of your residence in your home country that you will return to

How to write the Invitation Letter to Embassy for Visa Application

Your letter to embassy service needs to be written with great care if it is to be successful. Looking at a sample letter for visa application to embassy is often an excellent starting point before you begin your own writing. However, do not be tempted to simply copy the sample letter to embassy for visa application.

The following should be provided within your letter if it is to be effective:

  • Provide specific information as to your relationship to the applicant and their specific reasons for visiting. The more specific the information the more likely the visit is to be approved.
  • Provide the full legal name of the visitor, their contact details and address. This must match the information that they are providing on their passport etc.
  • Provide your own details, a status of your citizenship, address, and contact details.
  • If you are providing sponsorship or accommodation then you must provide full details of your income, employment and where the visitor will reside.

In addition to what you write you will also have to:

  • Provide documentary evidence of your citizenship status, and residency.
  • Documentary proof of your financial status.
  • Documents and the letter should be notarized.

Mistakes That You Should Avoid within Your Letter

Of course, simple mistakes within your letter can have a significant impact on the applicant’s chances of success. The following should always be avoided when writing your letter:

  • Failing to provide any of the required information as listed above.
  • Not explaining any issues with the information.
  • Not providing evidence or specifics.
  • Simply not signing your letter.

We Can Help Writing Your Invitation Letter to Embassy

We are not simple letter writers for hire. Our specialists have all of the skills and experience required to ensure that your letter will cover everything required in an effective manner for your application. They will work with you to gather the information that will need to be included before writing a letter that is going to be just what you need.

All writing is done in a confidential manner and our letters are written from scratch using only the information that is provided. It will be tailored to your specific needs at all times and totally unique to you. We provide our work with a plagiarism report to show that it has been written just for you and also proofread all writing to avoid any possible mistakes. Our services come with a full satisfaction money back guarantee and we will always deliver to you on time.

Ensure that your letter to embassy for visa application will be written perfectly by using our professional and highly affordable letter writing services.