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Letter Writing Services in China: Quality, Professionalism and Reliability

Why Might I Need Your Letter Writing Services in China?

There are many forms of personal and formal communication that we rely on every day, either within a business environment which most likely includes email or a more informal type of letter such as saying thank you to someone. All the different types of formal and informal letters of which there are so many have to be written in an appropriate manner and using the correct layout format in order to be taken seriously by the reader and professional relationships with other business can often be strengthened or broken by the quality and content of our writing. We may help you with writing official letter, informal letter or any letter type you need.

This is why many people seek out professional online services like ours for all their Chinese letter writing. We have over 200 fully qualified and experienced experts who can assist you in many ways. Either by being assigned an expert who can quickly write a letter in Chinese to suit any purpose which will be written to your exact requirements and include all the information that you need to get across to the reader. Our writers will ensure that it conforms to the correct format and that it is written in perfect English while being completely error free.

If on the other hand, you have time to spare in your busy schedule to set aside some time and show a commitment to learn, our experts are able to set some assignments for you which are designed to teach you how to format each type of letter correctly, the right tone which should be adopted to get a better response and the appropriate level of action and many more exercises all designed to improve your overall writing skills and take them to the next level through feedback and critique.

China is often considered the longest continuous civilization, with some historians marking 6000 B.C. as the dawn of Chinese civilization. It also has the world’s longest continuously used written language.

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Is Chinese Letter Writing Becoming Outdated?

While there is an ever greater increasing shift to use online services for all personal and formal communication through email and other subscriber services, many people in China still use the more traditional form of mail. With formal letters and official business mail regarded as the most popular type of mail which is sent, it seems that writing a letter in Chinese and having it hand delivered is still seen as the most practical and trusted method. The government’s own figures for the end of 2015 show that during that year, almost 1 Billion items of mail were delivered by hand with just over half purporting to be written letters.

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 Are Your Chinese Letter Writers Qualified to Write for Me?

We understand that when you need help to write a business letter to cement professional relationships with others and then use our services to get it, the work should be carried out by someone that has half an idea of how to go about it. Unlike many of our competitors who are only interested in making as much Yuan as they can by relying on cheap and inexperienced writers to do the work with no follow-up checks or proofreading to remove errors, we only employ time served and fully qualified experts. When you come to us for help with your letters, we guarantee to always supply you with an expert that:

  • Is qualified to PhD or Master’s degree level relevant to your needs
  • Understands all academic writing rules including plagiarism
  • Can produce a unique and error free letter from scratch to match your exact requirements
  • Highly experienced at providing all forms of support which broadens our range of professional services in China to include all the major areas and cities such as:
    • Shanghai
    • Beijing
    • Tianjin
    • Guangzhou
    • Shenzhen
    • Wuhan
    • Dongguan

“Unlike other types of letters that you might write, in which you’re simply shooting the breeze or catching up with an old friend, you should remember that your business letter is almost like a miniature essay you are sending out. Regardless of whether you’re trying to persuade somebody of something (as you might in a salary negotiation letter) or you’re relaying important information, it’s always best to stop and recap before finishing the letter to reiterate all of your points”. April Klazema,

What Can Your Chinese Letter Writers Help Me with?

There are many different types of letters which have been categorized into formal or business needs as well as other more informal ones which although have a much more relaxed style of writing about, still conform to certain guidelines which should still be adhered to. Business or formal letters, on the other hand, should always be written to follow the guidelines of their particular type, personal statements or business inquiry letters which are poorly written will almost certainly be ignored. There are far too many individual letters types for us to list here individually, but to give you an understanding of what we can provide you with, take a look through the following:

  • Apology letters
  • Application letters
  • Business letters
  • Business inquiry letters
  • Business thank you letters
  • Complaint letters
  • Condolence letter
  • Cover letters
  • Inquiry letters
  • Job offer letters
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Letters of resignation
  • Sales letters
  • Thank you letters

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Advantages of Using Our Letter Writing Services in China

We always offer highly professional assistance with your letter writing that you can trust to provide a level of support which you will not find anywhere else. We always aim to ensure you receive total satisfaction through using our services that are what you should expect from one of the leaders in our field and which keeps you returning to us for all future writing needs. You don’t only get the best level of help available from some of the greatest writing experts, but you also benefit from:

  • 24/7 ordering and customer support
  • Highly affordable help with no hidden charges
  • Fully confidential support, we never pass our clients details to 3rd parties
  • Unique and error free writing that is always completed to your deadline
  • Unlimited reviews with a fast turnaround between each one
  • Guaranteed complete satisfaction or your money back

We offer some of the most highly specialized letter writing services in China that you will find anywhere else online to provide completely individual and error free letters so get in touch with our support team now through our online website.