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Affordable Official Letter Writing Service

Official letter writing sounds daunting as it evokes formal structure, layout, and wording. This task becomes even more challenging when it is related to business where most of the letters are formal in tone. If writing an official letter, like reference letter for green card application purpose doesn’t appeal to you much or if your writing skills aren’t exactly as great as you want them to be, the best solution for this is to look for a writing service to hire. Fortunately, when it comes to writing professional letters, there is only one service to look for and that is us.

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What You Need to Know about Official Letter Writing

The first thing that you need to keep in mind when writing an official letter is that it needs to be addressed to the right person. When you look at the format of sample letters you will find that the upper portion of the paper is for the recipient of the letter. The salutation, on the other hand, starts with a “Dear Mr., Mrs., or Miss”.

As for the body, this is where the main points are written. The closing is for showing gratitude to the reader with words such as Sincerely, Best Regards, and the like.

Sample of Official Letter Writing

“Dear Miss Lovelace,

This is in response to the request that you made to our department last June 27, 2015, regarding an incident report filed by your staff.

Our department has gone over all the evidences provided by both parties and found that your staff, Ms. Pennybaker, has responded to the situation accordingly. She will be given appropriate citations for her quick actions and will be recommended for a higher position.


Mr. Stuart Kingsley”

Tips on How to Write an Official Letter

Use the right language. Since you are writing a formal letter the tone and vocabulary should be appropriate. Slangs, abbreviations, and contractions should be avoided.

  • Keep it simple. Official letters are usually direct to the point so avoid long and winding sentences especially when short but concise sentences will suffice.
  • Provide information. A well-written official letter contains information that readers can use. Make sure that the facts that you include in your content are related to the subject of your letter.
  • Always proofread. Many forget to proofread their work after they finish writing. This step shouldn’t be forgotten as this helps you find any grammatical errors that you may have made.
  • Refine your letter. The best way to make a good impression to your readers is to refine and edit your letter accordingly.

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Do You Need Official Letter Writing Help?

We understand that writing an official letter as well as writing an application letter can be daunting but not so with us. We have been in the business of writing professional letters for years now and we have already perfected our craft. We guarantee that when you place an order with us that your official letter will be handled only by the best writers in our team to ensure that you get the best results. At affordable rates, there is simply no reason why you should look for another letter writing service when you can get professional help from us. All that you have to do is place an order with us and we’ll take care of the rest.


Hire our official letter writing service today and see how our expert writers work!