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Things You Need to Know about Writing Letter to IRS

writing letter to irs

Internal Revenue Service: When You Need to Respond

The revenue service of The United States is called the Internal revenue service or IRS. The service is responsible for tax-related services and tax collection. Most of the people get scared with they receive a letter from the IRS. The important thing is to read the letter and respond properly if an answer is required. You can hire an online letter writing service for this purpose or reply to the letter on your own. IRS sends a letter to the individuals for different reasons and you are not required to respond to every letter they send.

Some letters are the information and do not need any action at your end. But some letter needs your response. For instance, IRS can send you a to letter about changing your account status or they may ask for some information about your income sources, you should response such letters. You need to keep in mind that every letter they write, comes with the instructions and tells you clearly, what you have to do.

IRS Notices and Letters: 10 Things to Know

You can hire an official letter writing company, to reply to the letter of IRS. However, it is very important to have some basic information about IRS notices and letters.

  • The letter may be just an informative note, so don’t worry. Read it and understand what the letter says.
  • Know the reason, why they had sent this letter. There can be many different reasons. It may be about your tax return or the account. They may be asking for some information.
  • At the end of the letter, you can get instructions that what IRS wants you to do.
  • If the letter tells that the IRS has made some changes in your tax return, you need to compare those changes with your original return.
  • Some notices are about payments, due on you.
  • If you don’t agree with the information written in the letter, writing a letter to the IRS is obligatory in this situation.
  • If you have to ask a question or want to get some information. Call on the IRS number.
  • Maintain a file and keep all the IRS notices and samples in that file.
  • IRS notices and letters are sent by post mail. The service does not contact people through other means.
  • For information, you can visit the official website of the service.

irs letter sample

Write a Letter to IRS: Some Tips

When you are writing IRS letter you need to be very careful. You have to be very clear about what you are going to write. Making a draft first is always helpful. Keep their letter in mind when you are responding, it will help you to concentrate on the main issue. Here are some tips for you, which will help you to write a letter to the IRS properly:

  • It is a business letter, so the font size should be 12. Use Times New Roman font style.
  • Start with the address of IRS, which you can find on the letter they sent to you.
  • Don’t forget to include your personal information, which must include your tax form and tax period.
  • Use salutation “To whom it may concern”. You can also use the name of the concerned employee.
  • Write the letter in block paragraph and provide the information they have asked.
  • Attach a copy of the notice with your letter.
  • End the letter with a friendly note.
  • If you are writing an IRS appeal letter, it’s better to get advice from a law attorney first.

These are just a few tips to help you. The response of the letter depends on the issue. Your reply should be appropriate and must be according to the questions IRS has asked. You can read a relevant IRS letter sample, to get an idea.

IRS Letter Writing: How We Can Help?

When you receive an IRS letter, you may be too busy to respond, or you may have no idea about how to reply to this letter. In such situations, our experts can help with IRS letter writing. We have a professional team, who have years of experience with writing letter of solicitation. Here is brief information about your team.


We have qualified and seasoned writers, who can respond to IRS letter, no matter what the issue is. Writing a hardship letter to the IRS is considered as the most difficult one. Our writers can write such letters with great ease. Many of our writers have a law background, so IRS letter writing is not difficult for them. IRS penalty waiver request letter is another tricky letter, let our experts write it for you.


When you send IRS 147C letter request to our team. Our writers write your letter and to make it more effective, we have a team of editors. If you have already written your letter, our editor can correct the mistakes and make it error free. They know the formatting requirements. You will get your letter, which you can send to IRS straight away.


Our support team is ready to help you round the clock. Contact them and they will respond to all your questions promptly.

expert writing a hardship letter to the irs

Our Guarantees

We are a professional writing team. We are ready to help you in every possible way. If you are confused about W2 and W4 form, we can help you with them. We offer some guarantees to our clients to show our commitment to the work.

  • We guarantee customer satisfaction.
  • We promise original letters, we don’t use any template.
  • We guarantee on-time delivery of your letter.
  • We ensure complete privacy and confidentiality.
  • We promise top quality work at an affordable price.

Confused about writing a letter to IRS? Our expert writers are here to help you!