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Formats of Reference Letter for Green Card Application Purpose

reference letter for green card application purpose writing

The Importance of a Great Immigration Letter of Support

Using a professional letter writing service for your reference letter for green card application purpose is a good move. After all, if your immigration letter of support is not up to scratch you could easily find your application being rejected. So it is vital that you invest in making sure that your letters are the best that they can be.

However, just asking someone to write a reference letter for you is not always the best move. After all, how many people have the writing skills or even the time to find out what immigration will be looking for? Most of the time it is far better to use professional services such as ours to write the letters for your referees to endorse.

Our professional services fully understand the requirements for your visa applications. They can help you with all aspects of writing a letter to embassy for Visa applications to ensure that you present a strong argument for yours to be granted. We supply professional support as well as helpful advice and green card reference letter examples to help you.

What Different Visas Can You Apply For?

There are many different types of visas that you will be able to apply for depending on your own position and abilities. Each varies in their requirements but all will require letters to support your application. Typical applications have between 5 and 10 letters of support.

Letters must clearly support the criteria that are applied by the USCIS for the particular visa that you are applying for. This requires you to clearly support your recommenders with the letters that they are required to write if they are to be effective. The following are some of the different visas that you can apply to as well as a green card reference letter sample for each.

Reference Letter for Green Card EB 1

  • The EB1 visa is one that you can apply for without any form of sponsorship within the US. Unlike most other visas you will need to have a job offer and a letter from your sponsor. The EB1 is for applicants of extraordinary ability. That is they are particularly gifted in their field and hold the qualifications, awards and another status to prove it. This can be in anything from sports and the arts through to science and business.
  • Your reference letter for green card EB1 must, in turn, be written by someone of significant standing. The more status for those writing your letters of support the more likely they are to be taken seriously and accepted. If your visa is granted you will then be able to seek out work or make business within the US.

Our sample letter of recommendation for immigration residency can show you just how to write your letters. Whether you are writing a green card reference letter for teaching assistantship or if you are a skilled athlete your letters have to clearly show that you fully meet the expectations for this visa type.

reference letter for green card eb1 sample

Reference Letter for Green Card EB2

This visa category is for employees and business people that hold an advanced degree in their fields such as doctors, lawyers, architects and the like. It is also for those that have exceptional ability in sports arts or business. In addition, this visa is for those that are required due to a “national interest waiver”, this, for instance, can be workers in a very specific area such as to alleviate a shortage of healthcare workers.

Our reference letter for green card EB2 examples show you just how your letters should be written and the tone that should be applied. Writing your green card reference letter from the previous employer must of course clearly show that you fully meet the requirements for this visa type.

reference letter for green card eb2 example

Reference Letter Applying Green Card O1

This is a temporary visa rather than a permanent one and is usually issued for 3 years. Again it is for those that have the exceptional ability within their fields such as education, the arts or business. It is also applicable for their families and supporting staff if the support is required. There are three types of O visa:

  • O-1A: This is the main visa for those with exceptional abilities in athletics, science, business, and education.
  • O-1B: This visa is specifically related to those with exceptional abilities in the arts, TV, or motion picture industries.
  • O-2: This visa is for individuals that are required to support those that are coming into the country on an O-1 visa.
  • O-3: This visa is for the children and partners of those granted an O-1 or and O-2 visa

Our reference letter applying green card O1 sample will show you clearly how your letter must be written. Of course, your personal circumstances must be reflected rather than simply copying any letter that you find online. Your green card reference letter marriage must clearly show how you meet the specific requirements of the visa type.

reference letter applying green card o1 sample

How to Write Your Reference Letter for Green Card Application Purpose

The following is the process that you should work through to get your recommendation letters written:

  • Find the right person to write your reference letter: Knowing how to ask for a letter of recommendation for green card application is just as important as the actual writing. Always take care to ensure that the recommender will meet the requirements of the visa type that you are applying to. Whether it is a member of standing in your local community for your reference letter for immigration marriage or a member of the hospital board for a more professional application.
  • It is not enough just to ask a few friends to write your letters for you. Always review the specific requirements and ensure that your recommenders will meet those expectations. It is also best if recommenders are from within the US rather than from overseas.

Contact us today and make sure to receive the best reference letter for green card application purpose!

Writing the Letter of Reference

Often it is best to draft the letter yourself to ensure that you cover the areas that are specifically required for your visa application. This will make the work of the recommender much easier as well as ensuring that you have letters that are going to recommend you in the correct manner. You should write your letter using a formal business letter format. A typical letter will be structured as the following:

  • Salutations: it is acceptable to use any commonly used opening such as “Dear Sir or Madam” or “To whom it may concern.”
  • Opening paragraph: this should be a clear statement of what the letter is about. You should state who you are providing a reference for and that it is for their immigration petition.
  • State who you are: the recommender needs to provide the reader of an understanding of their standing in the community or their field. This should be detailed enough for the reader to fully understand who you are and how you are qualified to pass judgment.
  • Provide information regarding your relationship to the person being recommended: clearly show how you know them and for how long. If you have never met them then this should be clearly stated.
  • Detail how the petitioner meets the requirements for a visa: you need to give clear information that will show how well the applicant fits the requirements. This requires you to fully understand what those criteria are.
  • Make a clear recommendation: summarize your reasons for recommending the applicant for a visa and make a firm statement that you recommend them.

Once your letter is drafted it is best to have it reviewed and rewritten by the recommender in their own words if you have provided it for them. Once it is complete it needs to be carefully proofread. Completed letters need to be notarized before you will attach them with your application.

immigration letter of support writing advice

A green card reference letter sample for a colleague should usually be between 1 and 4 pages in length. It is better to aim for quality than simply writing a long-winded letter that may be more air than real substance. Also, the reader is not going to want to spend their time reading excessively long letters.

How Can We Help with Writing Your Green Card Reference Letters?

Our specialized services can help you with everything from a green card reference letter sample scientist and writing hardship letter for immigration to support with writing highly effective letters. Our staff are higher degree qualified experts that have many years of experience providing consultancy to visa applicants. They work directly with you to ensure that they can gather all of the relevant information that will be required for your letters. They can support you with finding relevant recommenders for your application as well as offering writing and editing support for your reference letters.

Our specialists will use their extensive knowledge of the visa requirements to ensure that all of the letters are going to meet the expectations of USCIS. Each will be written in a unique style without any form of copying. All letters are written from scratch to reflect you as an individual, not simply written to a generic template as some services would.

The Features of Our Reference Letter Writing Services

We aim for your success with your green card visa application and will provide you with the top quality support that you will need to achieve it. We are confident that you will be fully satisfied with any letters that we write for you and that you will be proud to attach them to your application. All letters are well written to a high standard and in a persuasive manner that will fully support your application.

With our services for visa application letter writing and editing you will always benefit from all of this:

  • Direct contact with highly experienced staff: you will always be able to work one on one with the most appropriately qualified of our staff. They will have many years of experience successfully supporting applicants in a similar position as yourself.
  • Unlimited revisions to your letters: if for any reason you want anything reworded or changed in any way we provide as many changes as you need. All writing is completed to your own very exacting requirements so that you will be fully satisfied with the end results.
  • Additional research: we will be able to help you to ensure that your letters fully meet the expectations of the USCIS and will do any required research that may be needed to achieve this.
  • Unique letters: you will not simply receive a letter that has been copied or modified from another, nor will we write a letter to a standard template. All writing will always be done from first principles and your reference letter will be supplied with a free plagiarism report.
  • Free proofreading: we take care to make sure that there will be nothing about your letters that will detract from them such as typos and misused words. We provide you with certified and effective proofreading on all services to guarantee the quality of your letters.
  • Full confidentiality: we know that you will not want anyone to know your personal details or that you have used professional services for your application. All of our support is totally confidential from start to finish.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction with our highly affordable services: if we cannot supply you the reference letter that you require or cannot resolve any issues that you may have we will refund your money.

Don’t struggle and take risks with your application, contact our professionals to get your reference letter for green card application purpose written perfectly!