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Writing Letter of Solicitation Is Easy with Our Useful Sample

writing letter of solicitation help

What Is a Solicitation Letter

solicitation letter exampleA letter, which is written to raise some funds for a social cause is called a Solicitation letter. These letters are written by social workers or non-government organizations. Most of the time, solicitation letters are written to businesses and sponsors, who can be potential donors for a particular cause or social work. The response of the solicitation letter depends on how do you write a letter.

A powerful letter, with a clear message, can serve the purpose. You might need to write the solicitation letter for a number of reasons. For instance, if you are running an NGO and want to organize an annual function or it can be a fundraiser to help the victim of natural calamity. The reasons can be many, but if you really want to get some funds, you need to write your solicitation letter carefully.

Solicitation Letter Writing: How Our Sample Can Help

We offer legal letter writing service to our clients. However, we are ready to help in every capacity. Solicitation letters are important for funds collection. Writing a letter of solicitation is not easy and we understand that. We have a sample letter for you, which you can find really helpful. Our sample can help you in more than one ways. Firstly, you can get an idea of the format of the letter. Secondly, you will know how to address the concerned person and what should be the content of the letter. Thirdly, you can get some words and phrases, which are helpful in writing a donation letter request. Moreover, you will know how to end the letter and emphasis on your request. Reading a few samples will help you to get enough quality material and you will be able to write a solicitation letter.

Steps to Follow When Writing Your Solicitation Letter

You can find a solicitation letter example to know the basic steps to write this kind of letter. An effective letter can get you some money for your cause if you fail to connect with the people you will not be able to get your desired amount of money.  Here are a few steps, which will help you to write a solicitation letter.

  • Start: Write the name and address of your organization. Give your contact information as well.
  • Write a good introduction: You should start solicitation letter for sponsorship with a good introduction. Use the name of the person instead of writing “To whom it May Concern”. You need to connect with the potential donor and using his name will be a good way to show your personalized approach.
  • Ask for donation: In the body of the letter, you have to ask for the donation. Mention the cause clearly, for which you are raising funds. You also need to mention the amount of money you expect.
  • Conclusion: In the end, conclude your letter by thanking the reader. Emphasis on the importance of your project and reassure the donor that his money will be used for the said cause only.
  • Signature: Don’t forget to Sign the letter and write your designation in the organization.

10 Tips to Write Solicitation Letter

No matter you are writing a bid letter or a typical solicitation letter, you need to keep your tone formal. If you are struggling to write a solicitation letter, we have collected some tips for you. You will find them helpful.

  • The letter should be focused on your donor. Avoid praising your organization unnecessarily.
  • Use the name of the donor for a personalized feeling.
  • Donors do not have time to read a full story, so keep it short. The letter should not be more than a page.
  • Clearly, state why you need this donation. Everyone wants to know about the use of his money.
  • Mention the expected amount of money, it will help him to know the scale of your cause.
  • Give him a deadline, as when you are planning to have this event or by when you need this money. It is very important to show urgency.
  • Keep your tone formal, you are writing a business letter.
  • When you are writing a solicitation letter for donations, you have to be specific.
  • Your letter should be free from all kinds of mistakes. Grammatical and spelling mistakes leave a bad impression.
  • Add your contact details for communication purpose.

professional writing a bid letter

Our Professional Letter Writing Service

We offer letter writing services to our clients. We can write all kinds of letter for you. From writing encouragement letter to solicitation letter, our experts can help to write all types of letter. We have professionals from different backgrounds and they can help even with your lawsuit. Our writers have a law background can also help writing an appeal letter. They have exceptional writing skills and they are well aware of the formatting details. They write your letter having the most suitable content according to the nature of the letter and they format it too.

Our editors can edit your letter, correcting the sentence structure and removing all grammatical and punctuation mistakes. If you have written a promotion letter, let our editors edit it and you will be delighted to see the results. We have an active and friendly support team. Our team members are available for you, whenever you need them. They have answers to all your questions and they respond very quickly.

Our letter writing service is unique as we offer some guarantees to our clients, like:

  • We guarantee original content.
  • We have only qualified and experienced writers and editors.
  • We promise to deliver your letter on the given deadline.
  • We guarantee the privacy of our clients.
  • We promise 100% customer satisfaction.
  • Our support team is available 24/7.
  • We offer quality services at an affordable price.

Writing a letter of solicitation is difficult but not for our experts. Contact us today!